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July 20, 2018

On to Jasper

Rest day!!

Our run of excellent weather ended last night when the first rains arrived.  It rained fairly heavily off and on during the night, pattering in the roof of our small cabin.  This morning it is still raining, with occasion rumblings of thunder and flashes of lightning.  Good for the firefighters, who definitely need some help - but disruptive for us.  No biking today!  It breaks our hearts, but we resign ourselves to our lot by sleeping in and enjoying a leisurely morning loading around the cabin until our 11 AM checkout time.

It’s a short 80 drive to Jasper, our base for the nex5 four nights.  We take our time getting there, stopping at a few spots along the way - principally, a short walk down to impressive Overlander Falls  few miles past Mount Robson.  We biked past these falls yesterday, but didn’t have time to stop and explore.

It rained off and on all the way to Jasper, but by early evening the rain ceased, the clouds lifted, and we can see that we are surrounded by impressive peaks in all directions.  It looks like a fine place to base ourselves for the next four nights,  with luck the weather will cooperate and we can get back on our bikes soon.  We can’t complain at all - we’ve been very lucky so far, and remarkably so.  The Okanagan that we biked through just last week are experiencing a fire emergency, with fires out of control and highway closures in places we were biking just days ago.  

Mica Mountain, from Tete Juan Cache
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Birches, Tete Jaun Cache
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Mount Robson. It’s a good thing we made it up here on more than one day!
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At the Mount Robson visitor center
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Fireweed, Mount Robson
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Overlander Falls. The few salmon that conquer Rearback Falls are finally defeated here.
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Looking down the Fraser from Overlander Falls
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Ron SuchanekThat's a spectacular shot. The scenery in that area is almost overwhelming
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3 years ago
At Overlander Falls
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