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June 27, 2003



A longer day today, backtracking our way to Porto.  It's as tough going back as it was coming in, but as beautiful as well.  Good to see some of our old favorites again.  And good to end the day on the Porto waterfront, sitting on the wall watching the sun go down and the amazing reds slowly darken on the cliffs surrounding the Gulf of Porto.  As good as it gets.

Nice to see our friends in Evisa are still here. They definitely know how to cope with a hot day.
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The Gulf of Porto and its Genoese watchtower. The slash through the far slope is our road out of town tomorrow.
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The Genoese tower, Porto
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What better way to end the day?
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Others had the same idea
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The Gulf of Porto
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Total elevation gain: today, 4,600; for the tour, 35,760'

Today's ride: 88 km (55 miles)
Total: 680 km (422 miles)

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