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December 22, 2017

A bit of context

Oh, wait - that's Strawberry Fields, Forever.  Sorry, John.

This was a special tour for us - our 15th anniversary.   We loved cycling in France and had passed through Provence a few times already by the time this year rolled around - but always in autumn.  We had always been enchanted though by photos of the famous lavender fields in bloom, which of course occurs in the heart of summer.   Our anniversary is July 8th, so the timing is perfect - what could be a romantic way to celebrate a milestone anniversary than by cycling through this? 

So, that was half of the inspiration for this tour.  The other was a biking journal by the late Norman Ford, one of the pioneers in posting journals of his tours over the internet.   of his tour of Corsica in 2000, that I stumbled across over the internet.  I'd been following him for several years now, inspired both by the places he traveled and by the fact that he was still doing this so late in life.  A health/fitness enthusiast, he was still publishing reports of his tours as late as 2006, at the age of 85.  Someone to take inspiration from and model after.   I was particularly interested in his tour of Corsica in 2000.  I'd never given any thought to Corsica until this, but after reading his journal it went straight to the top of the wish list.

So, that's the tour, in a nutshell: fly in and out of Nice.  Visit Corsica on the first half of the tour, reaching it and returning by ferry.  Execute a loop of Provence on the back half, passing through the lavender fields on our anniversary.

For a refreshing change, I've got quite a pretty good record of the first week of trip to Corsica - we came back with plenty of photos, and I managed to keep up a written journal for the first of the trip.  After that I lost it completely though; so from Calvi until the end of the entire tour all I've got is the photos and our memories.  Fortunately, we still remember quite a bit about this tour - so it's time I set this down before we lose any more of it.

On Corsica: Bastia to Ajaccio, June 16th - 30th, 2003
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Provence: July 1st - 22nd, 2003
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