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December 27, 2003

In Corte

Today was a much welcomed layover day.  Biking is on the agenda, but less strenuous than most of the previous week: a ten mile climb up to the Bergerie at the end of the road in the Valee de la Restonica.  How tough can that be? 

Pretty tough: 3,200' - essentially a mountain pass.  At least we weren't carrying much luggage, except for the bare essentials for a hike plus day ride.  At the end of the road, we still faced a steep two mile hike and another 1,100 foot climb to Lake Melo, high in the mountains of central Corsica, our gorgeous destination for the day.  We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon lying on the rocks and enjoying the splendid scenery; and at the end of the day we also enjoyed careening down the valley back to our room and dinner on the town.

The Citadel, Corte. Looks much the same this morning as it did last night.
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In the Restonica Gorge
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A cooling off period
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On the hike to Lake Malo in the Restonica Gorge.
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The beer run returns to the bergerie
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The bergerie: end of the pavement, start of the hike
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At Lake Malo. Looking at this, I think Rachael must have taken a fall we forgot about - that looks like a pretty impressive bruise.
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Jeremy PerksCyclists tan!
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3 years ago

Lake Malo
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We don’t quite have the world to ourselves.
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Total elevation gain: today, 3,200; for the tour, 31,160'

Today's ride: 34 km (21 miles)
Total: 592 km (368 miles)

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