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April 25, 2012

Hills and tailwinds and fun: ... and rain, too

They had forecast rain for the afternoon today, but it started last night. Not much, just a gentle tapping on the tent fly. It stopped just long enough to cook up some porridge and pack up the wet tent. It kept on for about 30 minutes and then cleared.

The first hill started after Gorda (good spot for breakfast), dipped down at Salmon Creek (wee - lots of fun) and then straight up again before descending into Ragged Point. Turtle ranks the first bit of the climb out of Salmon Creek as the steepest to date.

From Ragged Point I had a tailwind all the way into Cambria. Now that was a fun ride.... even if the last hour was in the rain.

No camping tonight - non smoking motel bed for me at the BlueBird Inn (highly recommended cycle friendly establishment).

Hot shower and straight to the pharmacy to get something for my Poison Oak rash... doomed. I have had it many times as a kid and often it's taken me out of action for weeks at a time. I've scrubbed down, covered myself in the cure and washed all my clothes - the bathroom looks like a Chinese Laundry. Can't do much more than that.

And I saw Elephant Seals and Sea Otters.

Elephant Seal colony: Females and juveniles are molting, young bulls next, then followed by the big adult bulls - they seem to have it all sorted. On a hot day with the wind just right, it pongs. Also saw otters and sea lion pups.
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Today's ride: 45 miles (72 km)
Total: 269 miles (433 km)

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