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October 3, 2020

Rural Northern Indiana

Day 3: Sat 10/3 South Bend, IN to 38 miles north of Peru, IN
Miles: 43 miles

Weather: 44 in am, 56 in afternoon, cloudy but NO RAIN! 
Up and out of motel at 930 this morning.  I made a short stop a mile and a half away at Notre Dame University to sightsee and map out my route for the day.  Then I rode.  

Notre Dame campus South Bend IN
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Right away, I realized my body was still tired from yesterday.  So, I took it slow.  Its amazing how after just two days of riding I stopped caring about my average mph.  I rode the entire day in mid front and rear chain rings with little switching to give my tired legs a rest.  I averaged around 11 mph.  

Within 10 miles after leaving South Bend heading due south if became very rural.  Much of my days riding today was on dirt roads and nearly the whole day was going through cornfields.  I was struck by the size of the farms.

Lots of cows and one bull on a northern IN farm
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Large cornfields in northern IN
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Bill ShaneyfeltSoybeans?
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3 weeks ago
David AlbertTo Bill ShaneyfeltI think you are right about that Bill. Lol. I did see large cornfields but that is not a picture of corn. Lol
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3 weeks ago
Bill ShaneyfeltTo David AlbertEasy to do on tour with compressed schedules, etc. Keep up the great work!
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3 weeks ago

After 40 miles of riding I had a situation.  I was ready to look for a place to camp though I had nearly run out of water.  Thankfully I saw a woman and her daughter on their porch and after asking they filled all three of my bottles and gave me two additional plastic bottles of water.  This gesture really warmed my heart and I was extremely grateful. 

A few miles up the road I made camp off the road but in the woods.  

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I had a great time alone cooking dinner.  I made Indian vegetable korma over brown rice.  I chatted with two local fisherman across the street from my camp.  Then I went to sleep.  By 8 PM it was raining, again.


Today's ride: 43 miles (69 km)
Total: 158 miles (254 km)

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Marylynn WebsterEnjoying your trip from the warmth and comfort of my home. You are doing a wonderful job of riding and writing. Thanks!
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3 weeks ago
David AlbertTo Marylynn WebsterThanks Marylynn. Nice meeting you. And thanks to you and Ward for letting me spend the night.
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3 weeks ago