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October 8, 2020

Coming into Hoosier National Forest on a Horse with No Name

DAY 8: Thurs Oct 8

Bedford, IN to Young's Creek Horse Camp

Distance: 31 miles

Weather: 48 in am, 82 high, sunny

If there's such thing as a perfect day bike touring this just might be it.  Weather, wind, scenery, traffic - all my stars aligned today.  

I awoke naturally at 430 am and broke camp.  Then I went to McDonalds where for the price of a dollar coffee I got 2 coffees (one refill), charged my phone fully, and got 2 hours of charging in on my portable battery energy source.  I could have sat longer but started feeling guilty I only spent a dollar.  I knew I would be spending some time in Hoosier and wanted to make sure I was covered with electricity and food as well.  (I currently have 4 days worth of food on me) 

Then I meandered over to the Bedford Hoosier National Park HQ.

Early morning Hoosier ntl forest hq at Bedford.
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  A young female ranger showed up an hour early as I wait in anticipation and she offered some excellent advice and free maps. 
The ride into Hoosier National Forest was easy as pie from Bedford.  Its route 37 south the entire way.  Leaving Bedford 37 looks and feels like an interstate.  3 lanes of traffic each direction, large shoulder, and rumble strips.  The upside was that the entire 25 mile ride into the town of Paoli I had the wind at my back and there was a wide shoulder so I could ride fast without worrying about getting run over.  Also the highway had a gradual grade presumably for big rigs.  From Paoli, I went 1 mile to Pioneer Mothers Memorial Nature area within the national forest.  Pioneers has the only still standing old growth forest in Indiana.  

Pioneer mothers trail. Young and old growth mixed forest.
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Found mid trail along the Indiana pioneer mothers wilderness area.
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Then I cruised 3 more miles over to Youngs Creek Campground for Horses and mountain bikers.  

Wheres all the horses?
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Though, as of 2:30 in the afternoon I'm the only one here camping.  

Tent and bike at youngs creek
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And my horse is blue and has no name.  In total, I'm just doing 31 miles today.  This way I can relax and enjoy the afternoon in the forest.  I plan to take it easy the next couple days so I can really take in the beauty of Hoosier Ntl Forest.  Additionally these next couple days will give my body a chance to recuperate.

Today's ride: 31 miles (50 km)
Total: 443 miles (713 km)

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