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August 11, 2020

T-6: Delaying the Start

My "not a race bike" was missing from its parking space when I came downstairs this morning. Probably because I moved it upstairs last week. I still freaked out.
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I got a lovely video of my new fork being put into a box to be shipped to me. I've been given pictures of my Rohloff hub laced to a rim. The new bill for how much more money I owe the bike shop has come in. And, I still have 27,000 characters of translation to do for the Foreign Affairs Office (roughly three months worth of travel expenses).

Assuming that they don't give me still more.

And knowing that they will give me still more.

It's beautiful. Can hold 2 Manything cages per side or regular lowrider racks and a small platform rack. Also has fender eyelets.
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Mike AylingThat's a lotof eyelets!
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3 months ago
Marian RosenbergTo Mike AylingIt's based on the Surly ECR. Not because I ever see myself needing that many eyelets but because it's the fork I would have gotten in the first place if the eejits at Hanglun hadn't said that they had touring forks in stock "with all the rack mount points" (I showed them pictures of what I meant) and then sent me a fork which didn't even have "many" of the rack mount points.
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3 months ago

I've already finished 29,589 characters for them this month. Today's the 11th and I've already finished 29,589 for them! That's an insane volume. And it doesn't even take into consideration however much I've done for my WeChat Official Account (if you have WeChat and you aren't a subscriber to 我是凡一, drop me a comment and ask how).

Luckily, I've got some pretty powerful tools (Trados is the bomb) at my disposal or I'd be a gibbering mess right now.

Separate from all that (or the part where I'm still waiting for some new panniers which I ordered to arrive), I apparently can't read a calendar and didn't notice that my departure date (the 15th) is this Saturday when I made plans to visit Wuzhishan and go rafting with friends on this Saturday.

Departure is now looking to be the 17th.

I was given a choice in colors of "you don't get a choice" or "waiting until October". Although I would have much preferred red or silver, I'll accept not waiting until October.
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