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From China Blues by Marian Rosenberg

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Mike Ayling commented on D42: 寨蒿→乐里

Hi Marion

Re spokes
It is said that a 26" wheel can be stronger than a 700c and a Rohloff does not require dishing which tends to stress the drive side spokes so I would be having a word with your wheel builder when you get home.
We have a Rohloff in a 26" wheel on our Thorn tandem and Mary who is petite and I weigh in at about 125kg and we add about 20kg of luggage for credit card touring and have had no trouble with the wheel.



1 year ago
Marian Rosenberg replied to a comment by Jean Knops on I1: 全州→广州

Request sent.

1 year ago
Jean Knops commented on I1: 全州→广州

Hi good to see you. I used to read you on crazyguyonabike, but some cranky geezer deleted my account. Doing some google searching I found you here. I currently live in Suzhou, only bike around town, but like to read your longer distance exploits. I don't have tiktok, but do have wechat, please add me jknops2

Cheers, johannes (jean) knops

1 year ago
Marian Rosenberg replied to a comment by Mike Ayling on a photo in T-6: Delaying the Start

It's based on the Surly ECR. Not because I ever see myself needing that many eyelets but because it's the fork I would have gotten in the first place if the eejits at Hanglun hadn't said that they had touring forks in stock "with all the rack mount points" (I showed them pictures of what I meant) and then sent me a fork which didn't even have "many" of the rack mount points.

1 year ago
Mike Ayling commented on a photo in T-6: Delaying the Start

That's a lotof eyelets!

1 year ago