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August 14, 2020 to August 15, 2020

T-3/2: Wuzhishan

Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess
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Refilling the coffee stove's campgas canister off of a standard (much cheaper and much easier to find) butane canister
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Did we go rafting the way we planned to? No.
Did I find some trees to try setting up my camping hammock?
No.Was any biking done by anyone? Also, no.

But I made alcoholic coffee on the balcony while we listened to the droning sound of cicada-like insects from the rainforest; I finished the project for the Foreign Affairs Office; and I got to enjoy what will probably be my last time in a swimming pool until I get back to the island because, let's be honest, nowhere I stay on tour ever has a swimming pool (or if it did would be a pool I'd want to immerse my body in).

Enjoying the Pool
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Probably one of the nicest places I've ever brought my laptop to work from
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And, although today is the day that I had been announcing as my intended departure date, I'm fairly sure the new fork has not yet arrived from the Mainland, so it's not even like this little luxury side trip was a real deviation.

The resort we're at is supposed to be the nicest in Wuzhishan. It's definitely among the nicer places I've paid my own money to stay at over the years. In truth the only real complaint is the other customers - the guy that keeps hawking up loogies in the pool, or the man who brang his 2 year old over to pee in the greenery next to where we were eating breakfast.

Even Sarah (with her background in high end hospitality) can't find much to complain about. 

This little guy came by for a visit while we were having a meeting with one of the managers of the resort
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It's a rough rough life
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