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October 20, 2020

W6: 瓮安

Now wait just a darn minute, didn't I just have a work day the day before yesterday? And didn't I only have two riding days prior to that before the two days that I spent (one a work day, and one a rest day) in Kaili?


Only this time, unlike with Fuquan, I really am working. And not even on the project that wanted my sample translation and now hasn't gotten back to me. More of the government stuff. I'm a little vague on what I'm charging them for rush stuff (it's in the contract somewhere, I just don't see any reason to check the contract until billing is due) so I don't know exactly what I made today but it was at least $700. And that's USD. Not CNY.

Which, so far as I'm concerned, is a truly excellent way (along with laundry) to spend a day when it's cold and rainy and the weather report says that tomorrow will be sunny and warm. 

I go out at about 5pm to get myself more of a breakfast than in-room oatmeal and also to get a massage from the blind massage place I passed on my way from dinner to the hotel last night. He gets handsy in ways that really aren't acceptable though I don't actually say "no" or do anything to actively discourage this behavior. Thing is, I realized rather a long time ago that massage guys who get handsy often end up forgetting to pay attention to the clock so an hour of actual massage turns into more like 90 minutes (or in this case 2 hours) of actual massage and it's not like I mind things like having those muscles under my boobs (the ones that are involved in things like catching my breath at the top of a long hill) worked on. 

Today's ride: 1 km (1 miles)
Total: 2,428 km (1,508 miles)

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