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October 18, 2020

W5: 福泉

So the reason that I decided not to leave Fuquan today was actually a work related one. That this work later ended up not really happening because the client's client wanted a sample of what I can do before officially signing off on using me is irrelevant in terms of how incredibly tired I was. The reason I stopped was not to rest. The reason I stopped was to work.

It's only been two days since the last days where I stayed in one place for more than one night. These past two days though, they've had an incredible amount of walking my bike up some very steep hills and even though they weren't very long days, I'm hurting nearly as much as I was hurting on the early days of this trip when I was 15kg heavier than I currently am. (Yeah, I've lost that much.)

So, it's a foot massage for me last night and a long lazy lie in in the morning followed by just the tiniest bit of work (the roughly $20 I earned being enough to pay for my room and food for the day) and then a full body massage as well. It's not often that I have the opportunity available on a bike trip for back to back massage and since yesterday's people were particularly competent, I see no reason not to waste this chance.

Then, back to the room where I luxuriate in a bed that's could be a bit softer but which has a brilliantly warm electric mattress pad.

Today's ride: 1 km (1 miles)
Total: 2,374 km (1,474 miles)

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