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August 31, 2020

R2: 良田

Having discovered the next day that quite a lot of town exists once you get about 300 meters away from the main road, I'm not going to say that Liangtian is the kind of town where the restaurants completely close down between Official Meal Times. It's just that the parts of Liangtian which I was in (despite having at least one really good restaurant just the other side of the truck route from where I was staying) are the parts which, when you go looking for breakfast at 3pm, you don't have a whole lot of luck finding it.

I ended up with fried noodles. Very quickly eaten fried noodles because I'd showered before leaving the hotel and hadn't put my bandaids back on. For skin that has sufficient nerve damage that I'm able to get icky infected wounds without noticing, it's amazing how I could feel every single fly that landed on me to sip of the delicious nectar gently oozing out from the places that hadn't yet formed scabs.

I bought some fruit on the way back to the hotel and, being as I wasn't hungry again until another hour that wasn't a Proper Meal Time, I ended up having grapes, bananas, and instant oatmeal for dinner. Although I've yet to make it other than with the hot water kettle in a hotel room, this oatmeal is coming in incredibly useful and is likely to become a regular item in my panniers in the future. Possibly even in regular luggage as well.

On my walk back, I was amused by the sheer number of advertisements for high quality pig sperm so I snapped a pic and shared it to my WeChat Moments. As expected, since a large number of my friends are even more urban than I am (I needed to explain to one of the Chinese friends why this wasn't gross), people were greatly amused. then, about an hour later, the nice officer from Qinghu messaged me to let me know that the shop whose photo I'd shared was specifically selling sperm from his friend's piggery and, by the way, it really was excellent quality sperm as his friend had all imported American pigs.

Regarding conversations I never thought I would have (never thought it would even be possible to have), the particular origins of certain excellent quality pig sperm is most definitely near the top of the list!

Today's ride: 1 km (1 miles)
Total: 446 km (277 miles)

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