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August 26, 2020

R1: 湛江

I would like to reiterate that I do not see the appeal in TikTok. At all.

However, of the 33 short videos I have posted since this Tour started, two of them are up to over 10,000 views, and 25 have over 1,000 views.

I've already gotten offers of free things.

And, in an incredibly clueless maneuver based on them apparently not talking to any of their colleagues, the marketing department of the manufacturer of my frame has recognized my frame as something they made and asked if they could use stuff from my tour in promotional materials.

My friends and I are currently of the opinion that we should wait until after this tour is finished and then ask them if they would make me a new frame, perhaps one that actually follows the spec that was requested at the time the bike was ordered.

Because yes, while I take full responsibility for my signing off on a frame drawing that I didn't know how to read, it can't take 29" wheels, it doesn't have the attachment points for proper mounting of a Rohloff, the lasered on decals were put in the wrong place, there's the whole saga surrounding the fork, and while it is usable for touring, it will make someone 5'4" (I'm 5'6") very happy with their take-apart mountain bike.

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