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September 26, 2019

Thursday (T-1)


Have you ever wanted to just say to someone "please fuck off and die"?

Cause that's how I'm feeling right now about Replacement.

I fired her on Monday.

Minor reasons like gross incompetence, an inability to follow instructions, regularly back talking me, and otherwise refusing to do her job. Just a few things like that which, being as it was less than 90 days after I hired her, I could still legally get rid of her without any big hassle.

I hired her mid-month and I fired her mid-month which makes the accounting on how much she's supposed to get paid wonky. However, on Tuesday, about 30 hours after I fired her, I pried a number out of her and gave her money. Explicitly with the stated intention to "just GO AWAY" and never talk to me again.

Now she's found something that she didn't return to us. Something that can be replaced for a few hours of employee time. Not something important but not something unimportant either. And she's demanding that I give her more money to get it back. Because one of the four numbers she came up with (with no math or logic to back it up) on what she was owed was 500 yuan higher than what I eventually paid her and she thinks she should get that 500 yuan.

Or she'll tell my new hire Tyra that I'm a bad boss.

Which I know she's already done, because Tyra showed me the messages.

Tyra has also seen the vast majority of the messages between Replacement and myself. And the work reports that show Replacement not actually working. I'm not really worried. Mostly I'm just annoyed that this time waster won't stop wasting my time. And, having now had terrible employees two of three times I've transitioned from one assistant to another, I'm annoyed that in another three or four years, Tyra's going to do what Jimmy and Sansa and Kaylee did and I'm going to have to go through this all over again.

I do manage to get Tyra introduced to Trados on my old laptop and there's an evening meet and greet with people from the American consulate so the day's not a total loss except from the point of view of not getting any of my paying work done because my leg has been stabbing agony ever since I woke up, a massage barely helped, and every time I start working, Replacement messages me again and I'm too angry to actually work.

Goodbad News Item #1: even though my leg is still bitchy when I want to go sleep, I got codeine from the hospital yesterday.

Goodbad News Item #2: After almost a year without any opiates and a couple of months without any opioids, I have zero physical tolerance and these codeine pills are rather a bit strong.

I sleep very very well.

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