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October 26, 2019

The Rules

One of these rules is not like the other ones. Look below and see if you can figure out which one it is!
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The Following Behaviors Which Endanger the Railway are Prohibited

Posted by the Gutian Rail Station Police

  1. Illegally blocking the train or cutting off the ability to transport via the railways;
  2. Disturbing railway transportation command and control machinery and rail stations, interrupting the normal order of the railroad;
  3. Storing goods or items on the rails and blocking or damaging the rails;
  4. Hijacking the train;
  5. Dismantling, stealing, damaging, or moving railway equipment, rail cars, rail car associated equipment, signal poles, safety equipment, and safety signals;
  6. Walking along the railway, sitting, resting or reclining on the tracks, crossing the tracks at any location other than an approved pedestrian level crossing;
  7. Entering areas limited to authorized railway personnel only, or walking along bridges or tunnels that do not have a specific pedestrian access passageway.

Also, I had rather a few too many pictures of Grandpa Bates' Motel that I wanted to share but which I didn't have a good place in the last entry's write up to share effectively.

Please, enjoy...

I certainly didn't.

It was already unplugged. The only plug nearby was the scary one and, since I don't watch broadcast TV anyways, I had no reason to see if it worked.
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I honestly feel that throwing this out would be doing Grandpa Bates a service. Unfortunately, it was hard wired and live so I just cautiously did my best not to get too close to it.
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The bed wasn't all that uncomfortable truth be told. And, Grandpa Bates cheerfully let me know they'd changed the bedding 'just that morning' in a tone that let me know they don't often get around the changing the bedding.
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A mystery rag and a, uh... ashtray?
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If the shower worked, it would meet the requirement of being able to shit and shower at the same time
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The fan didn't work. There was no remote for the air conditioner. The buzz buzz noise of a single mosquito kept waking me up.
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