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November 15, 2019

The Rules

Circa 1998
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Anyu Hotel Service Guidelines

Dear Guest,

In accordance with Public Security regulations, all guests staying at the hotel must abide by the following rules.

  1. To stay at the hotel, guests must present legally valid identification which proves their identity such as a passport, an ID card, their Hong Kong & Macao Compatriots Hometown Return Certificate, or their PRC Resident Identity Card so that the hotel may proceed with the registration process.
  2. When staying at the hotel, guests should take their own responsibility for any valuables or cash which they have with them. In the event of loss, the hotel is not responsible.
  3. Any persons coming to visit guests staying at the hotel must get approval of the hotel including presenting identification and registering before they may go to the guest's room.
  4. It is not allowed to have overnight guests in your room nor to give or transfer your bed or room to anyone else. Any guest who finds that he or she will be temporarily staying somewhere else for the night should inform the hotel promptly.
    Absolutely forbidden to throw things (stuff, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc...) into the toilet (commode). Violators will be severely fined. Thank you for your cooperation.
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  5. Absolutely no dangerous materials (inflammable, explosive, poisonous, or radioactive) may be brought into the hotel.
  6. It is forbidden to use alcohol stoves, kerosene stoves, electric stoves, or fire to cook in the room.
  7. Guests who have guns or weapons must register them and are responsible for keeping them safe or turning them over to the relevant Public Security organs for safekeeping.
  8. While at the hotel, it is forbidden to engage in illegal or criminal activities such as seeking prostitutes, doing drugs, gambling, or illegal activities involving residing in the same guest room.
    Please Don't Spit Phlegm on the Ground, Discard Cigarette Butts, Discard Fruit Peels, Discard Tissue Paper
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  9. Conscientiously respect the hotel's rules regarding hygiene. Do not bring any livestock or rotten moldy things into the hotel.
  10. Respect the hotel rules and regulations. Accept the instructions given to you by staff. Cherish the hotel's public facilities. When you have finished using the water or electricity, turn it off. Any hotel property which is damaged will require compensation.

Note: Check-out time is at exactly 1pm. If you wish to extend your stay or you need a late check-out, contact the front desk. Check-out prior to 6pm will be charged an additional half day. Check-out after 6pm will be charged as a full day.

I bet that floor was not cheap
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There is so much to unpack from this set of rules. 

First of all, the very first rule, about the kind of ID you can use to register. It starts with passports. The basic assumption is that if you are a Chinese person, you wouldn't be staying at this hotel. The next item is an ID card (using vocabulary of the type that stopped being issued in 1984) followed by a travel permit for Hong Kong and Macao Compatriots only it's the pre 1999 travel permit that was called a "Hometown Visiting Certificate" cause, of course, no one from Hong Kong or Macao was presumed to really have any good reason to be visiting Mainland China unless they were visiting relatives in their original hometown. Only after that is the then modern ID card listed.

Visitors to the room need to register at the front desk. Guests who have paid for a room but aren't sleeping in it need to tell the hotel. Instead of "no dogs", it's "no livestock" and, in among the usual really over detailed list of dangerous things you can't bring into the hotel (wtf is up with the prohibition on radioactive materials?), they went out of their way to list a multitude of ways you aren't allowed to cook in the room.

非法同居 Four characters in the Chinese. Three words in English. Illegally residing together. Basically premarital or extramarital sex. Men and women staying in the same room used to have to show a marriage certificate first. Or pay for two rooms.

Things certainly have changed.

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