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Not a Habanero

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Paul KriegMarian: How have you liked the titanium frame? Looks like it might have been constructed out of large enough diameter material so as not to be too flexible. Also, as to your comment about leaving"the other site", I have not really looked at it since I left in 2008 or 2009. Not surprised folks are leaving. Paul Krieg
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4 years ago
Marian RosenbergI haven't really ridden it very much so far owing to the issue with handlebar height.. Really only got the handlebars where they were supposed to be on Tuesday and then I packed the bike on Wednesday.

It seems good and solid but, considering some of the brands this factory OEMs for, it certainly ought to be.

I'm absolutely in love with the couplers.
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4 years ago

I had my reasons for ordering factory direct.

For starters, I had some very specific design points I wanted on my bike and, at the time, it seemed like if I went with a Habanero, to get those design points, my bike would have no option but to go Factory→United States →Me.

Second, Trump's Trade War has made the cost of shipping expensive things from a factory in Asia to a company in the United States and back to Asia again even more ridiculous than it was in 2007. As a rough ballpark guesstimate, I'd've pissed away at least $1,000 on shipping and taxes and had nothing extraspecially different to show for it.

Third, I was rude to Mark, said something dumb like "I could always go factory direct" to try and force him to do things my way, and even though I immediately backpedaled, he basically was like "fine, you go do that". 

As a business owner myself, even though his totally appropriate response to my bad behavior ended up inconveniencing me, I have to respect the guy. When life gives you the opportunity to tell a rude client off for being rude, it's wonderful the way birthday cake and puppy snuggles at the same time are wonderful.
I deserved it.

As a result, what probably would have taken no more than 3 or 4 months (including design and shipping across the Pacific and deposits and shipping back) got stretched out to almost 10 months.

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