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October 6, 2019

I-1: Lenovo

This sign telling me not to put my fingers in the holes has caused me to notice the holes and want to put my fingers in them.
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Going to Customer Service went about as well as I was expecting it to go.
That is to say "not very".

In theory, I've got a new screen arriving in "roughly 3-5 days" though it "could be longer" because of the holiday.

And in theory my international warranty will be covered and I won't have to pay for my new screen.

If they find evidence that my international warranty exists. Because my logging on to lenovo.com and showing them my warranty information doesn't count; my emails from Lenovo Service Registration's @ lenovo.com email addresses don't count. They need to find it in China.

According to both the people physically in the Customer Service Center and the higher up that they got on the phone, I was supposed to magically know about some paperwork (whose existence is questionable) that I ought to have filed with Lenovo China to inform them that I had brought an internationally warrantied machine into the country. This was after a few frustrating rounds of questioning me about why, lacking a Chinese VAT receipt, I thought it was a legitimately purchased machine that was eligible for warranty repair in the first place.

I don't know. 

Maybe because I bought it from Lenovo.com?
Maybe because I had it shipped it to my not-in-China in home? 
Maybe because no part of the purchase beyond the reason I was buying a new laptop ever involved China at all?

Given the amount that my voice is still husky and raspy, I'm not pleased with the amount of yelling I had to do.

When Sully and I got back to the office, I started trying to find a method of contacting Lenovo regarding support of a Lenovo product purchased directly from Lenovo. Can't do live chat because I'm not in the US. Can't request a call back because I'm not in North America. No email addresses listed anywhere. Can't lookup my service ticket or ask a question since the service request part doesn't cover China; China only has carry-in service. I've now gone past merely annoyed to seething.

But the coffee from Shanghai has arrived and the minipeople, while frustrating in their own loud and boisterous ways, are cute and there are better things to do...like maybe finishing that work I was supposed to do before I left on this trip.

This picture of a line of houses of different architectural eras is from a few days ago but I spent enough time online today that Google Photos noticed I had taken a panorama and stitched it for me. I could have done a better job with Hugin but this is pretty impressive as is.
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