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November 6, 2019

W2: 泉州

Not a Rest Day

These are those stupid barriers I mentioned which prevent all but pedestrians from crossing the road
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Repeat after me: Today is not a rest day.

Today is not a rest day.

It is not a rest day.

I am resting but it is not a rest day.

If I had the slightest desire to continue riding today, I certainly would be able to.

However, I have work to do. Work that, despite it only being the 6th of the month, will tip me over to the break even point on stuff like rent and salary and taxes so that everything I do after this point is paying for stuff like bicycle trips and cameras.

Therefore, today is not a rest day.

My host's apartment block is one of the snazzier places I've stayed in a while
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And because I've been good about regularly doing my laundry at every possible washing machine that shows up (as well as carrying less clothing, rinsing it out at night, and only having quick dri) it's not even a laundry day.

It's a work day.

It just so happens to be a work day that's coming on the heels of two very windy days (one with a lot of dirt road) that left me very tired out and wanting to rest.

But it's not a rest day.

Merely a day where I am resting.

It may have taken me a while to find a massage place near where my host lives but the one that I found was well worth the price that they charged me for a 90 minute massage.

Best part was the woman on the table next to me, when hearing me say that the reason for the sore muscles was bike touring, showing me the bike touring vlog she was watching on her phone.

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