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June 11, 2011

Jour Un: Dirty Shirts

I'm off, like a dirty shirt on wash day!

My mom used to say that anytime we went on a trip, and often other times as well. I must have been a stupid little kid, because I think it wasn't until I was about 10 that I said to myself, 'Oh, I get it, because you take your shirt OFF on wash day ..and we are OFF.'

Criminy, it's a good thing I had charm to rely on back then because apparently the brains came later

Anyway, were was I? Oh yes, I'm off! And now I'm sitting in the airport in Boston waiting for my flight to London this evening. After leaving yesterday at 2pm (California time) I arrived at midnight (Boston time). I wasn't keen on a $200 plus hotel room so I opted for the tried and true touring cyclist tradition ..stealth camping. In this case in the airport terminal. Except it wasn't really stealth, I asked several people, including a cop, who said its no problem to sleep there.

Of course everyone else who was trying to avoid the $200 room was trying to get comfortable on those little benches with the non-movable arms, all contorted like; but not me, I found a little corner and inflated my sleeping pad, and got out my pillow and sleeping bag. I slept ok, though it would have been better without all those 'don't leave your car unattended messages ' all night long. Still, I got in a few good winks before a different cop kind of kicked my sleeping pad at 6:30am. 'Time to move,' he said. So that was that. I guess they don't like their international terminal looking like a vagrant camp during the day, only at night.

After a little face and tooth scrubbing and a fresh, non-slept in shirt I headed to the Hilton for a nice buffet breakfast.

I had planned on doing a little exploring of Boston but its raining :-( so I think I'll just surf the net and do all those other kinds of airport things that people do in airports.

Tomorrow I will be in London WOO-HOOOO!

Before I put my bag on the Southwest guy said they allow a half pound leeway over the 50 pound limit. How is THAT for close! :-)
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OK, you've all flown and seen the outside from an airplane. But if this journal is going to be comprehensive I have to include it all, right?
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At least the airport has things to do and look at, like this fancy cultural display. It was utter-ly entertaining; art on the hoof you might say.
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