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December 24, 2022

Zacapa - Christmas Eve 2022

Today - Christmas Eve, was definitely not a good day for riding.  Part of the storm I outran is still here.  It hasn't rained yet - supposed to come tonight, but just crazy windy.  I won't ride in those conditions with no shoulder and such little space between me and fast vehicles.

I had to check out of my hotel room and I go to a nearby AirBNB that I was lucky enough to find last night, about 2.5 km away.  I went out looking for breakfast, which was actually really hard.  Just breads and fruits and veggies it seemed.  So, I got some fruit and a yogurt bottle from a little mini-mart and was off.  What the heck, there was supposed to be a restaurant at the place I was staying.  Most of the stores had pine needles laid down in front and inside.  Must be a local tradition at Christmas.  I have no idea where they get pine needles from, and there was a ton of it around.

Checked in and then relaxed for a bit.  As it turns out, the restaurant was closed today for the holiday.  Probably tomorrow too.  So, did my journal post from yesterday and then cycled back a km or two to try to find some food.  It was hard.  I ended up getting some grapes and a couple bananas, some tortilla chips, and a fresh cake of some type.  Food in these little towns is nothing like going into an AM/PM or anything.

Listening to the wind howl outside now (and the wind direction will make an awful headwind), I am debating what to do about tomorrow and Monday still.  I asked the caretaker here (through AirBNB, as it is easier to translate that way) if anyone on the staff had a vehicle big enough to take me to the border crossing, which is about 85 miles away.  I'm waiting to hear back on that.  I'm on a relatively tight schedule since I have to get back to work, even though I have built up some contingency days.  I'd save some time with that too.  I may stick around here tomorrow anyway if it is rainy tomorrow.  My next stop would be about 65 miles away - up a big hill, and I really don't want to get caught in the middle if the winds come like this and rain, and the road is as bad as I suspect (no Google street view everywhere down here yet).  Crossing my fingers on a vehicle still.

Eesh, those mountains do not look friendly, but that is where I am headed.
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How do cacti exist here when they get ~150 inches of rain annually?
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The ranchers on this land build this building with three rooms - mine is in the middle. Not bad rooms at all.
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