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July 6, 2024

Day V6B: Long Rest Needed

After the super successful storage locker errand, I retrieved what I needed then biked back to the Airbnb along different routes.  A long sleep would be needed as everything so far was getting to be too much.

It was beautiful weather, super nice actually.   While riding I began to realize that the key to a nagging question lay hidden in my backpack.  Therein was a copy of my Mom's journal she wrote when she had just married my Dad and before they had kids. 

The question I was going to try and answer was whether he even wanted kids at all.  If he disowned us, and that is still a big if, I would want to know why.  Why have kids in the first place if you're going to raise them and then screw them over by giving all your hard earned wealth to a woman you met on the internet.  It makes no sense as to why he would do this.  That's why I'm tempted to think it was all an honest mistake but there are too many more questions than answers at this point.

I then recalled the conversation with my now ex-friend as he had said some things that crossed the line.  Such as saying that my Dad was sending a message that we didn't look after him by going abroad and this disownment was deserved.  Then he had the audacity to say, "I have three kids you know.  And you never say anything about them nor care to ask."  I said "I would buddy if you would give me a chance in the conversation.  If you're so proud of your kids, it isn't evident in our conversations.  All I can see is you're always in a rush and you don't sleep"

In a fit of rage after all this, I went to my brokerage account and quintupled my position in Femasys by buying another $5000 worth of stock.  This is a company in Georgia (USA) that among other things is working on an FDA approved product called Fembloc which is a non-surgical method of permanent birth control for women who choose not to have kids nor have abortions.  And the way the political climate is moving to the hard right, their business will be brisk.  Mind you it probably won't be until 2030 when it comes to market if all goes well with the volunteer trials.

I love the kids I teach as well as my nieces and nephews.  But if you're going to preach to me or shame me or my wife for not having kids, then you have earned my wrath.  Not only that, I might earn 10x return on my long position if this goes the way I think it will with the price targets.

Anyways, I surely needed a rest and was going to sleep to recover in all this regard. 

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