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A Summer Bike Tour Through the Caucasus with A Twist

By Fit Steve
398 km (247 miles) over 24 days since Jun. 28, 2024

Planning and Research

Inspired by a Starbucks Chat During a Fake Holiday heart 5
Flying All Over the World heart 3
The Packing Setup heart 0

The Kickoff: Japan

Days J1-2: Seeing my Sister after Years heart 16
Setting Up for Talk Therapy heart 5
Days J3-5: Tokyo Decompression heart 1
Day J6: Recharged and Fit heart 0

Canada and US: Taking Care of Business

Day V1: Homeland Arrival! heart 3
Day V2: Getting Organized heart 2
Day V3: Abs Outline Emerges heart 1
Day V4A: Fight the Good Fight heart 1
Day V4B: Victim of Bike Theft heart 3
Day V5: Where is Justice? heart 0
Day V6A: Storage Locker heart 0
Day V6B: Long Rest Needed heart 0
Day V7: A Fine Day of Golf heart 1
Day V8: Hills in the Heat heart 5
Day V9: Suburban Shock heart 2
Day V10: Last Round heart 2
Day V11: Marathon Travel Day heart 9
Day S1: Coach of a Lifetime heart 0
Day S2: A Wealth of Local Knowledge heart 0
Day S3A: Got a New Wife heart 0
Day S3B: Trauma and a Haunted House heart 0
Day S4: Ending on a High Note heart 0

A Makeover in the Middle East

Day D0: Remade heart 0
Day D1A: Setting up Shop with Gusto heart 0
Day D1B: Night Fitness heart 0
Day D2A: Trying to Cobble a Plan heart 0
Day D2B: We're Boiling Here heart 1
Day D2C: Synchronicity heart 1
Day D3: Cooling Off heart 0
Day D4: Top of the World+ heart 0
Day D5: No Escape+ heart 1

Caucasian in the Caucasus

Thailand: Land of Eternal Smiles

Side Hustles

How to Brainstorm and Plan for Effective Action heart 1
Life Changing HK Pre-Trip: More Than a Bank Account heart 4
The Budget Regime Reloaded heart 0
Taking My Trading to the Next Level heart 1
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