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Getting Ready - - or Not

It's a good thing that I have toured so many times before because I sure didn't get ready for this trip. Pedal around town a few times and throw everything in the truck. Still seriously ill, but I have come to terms with it. If I am willing simply to take longer to do everything - including riding - and I am aware that there might be those days that I just have to write off, then everything is fine. Yeah, I want to be 25 all over again and God's gift to cute young things, but it ain't gonna happen. At least this go round.

Not to mention that winter lasted in Buffalo, Wyoming until June 1. We almost got a frost on the first day in June - everybody nearby did. My sister came up from New Mexico for the week before I left. We did manage a few trips up to the Bighorns and one nice picnic on a warmish day. And when the wind blew and the rain came down sideways, we had lots of time to watch movies.

We celebrated my sister's birthday with an inside picnic with friends and then my 26-year chip that evening with program folks. Da-yamn. 26 years. Just a snap of the fingers.

My dear friend, Rayma, will be staying at the house and taking care of the kitties. Miss Stinkums is 19. She's fine except for kitty Alzheimer's. She gets lost in the hall, poor thing. Mister Pootie adores Rayma - so he will be O.K. even if he was mad at me the day I was leaving.

Anyhoo, I finally got everything done and the truck loaded and started the drive out to Washington. I've packed everything up, paid the extra baggage fees, or shipped the bike ahead of time. Sometimes the stuff gets there in time - sometimes the bike arrives in good shape - but ya never know. When it's in the back of your truck, it's soooo easy.

So after a night stretched out on the front seat, I get to my friend Mark's alpaca ranch in western Washington. I'll be leaving the truck there all summer and taking some alpaca wool back to Wyoming at the end of the summer. The ranch is in a natural prairie. Tall grass, wildflowers, and all these sheared alpacas. They are cute, but definitely not cuddly. Mark showed me around. We fixed a few fences. All in all a nice afternoon.

Alpacas in Their Summer Wardrobe
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Fence and Barn
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