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July 16, 2016

Day 44 - Rock Island to Wyanet

I did NOT get up at the crack of dawn. Noooo.
I was a slug in a bug in a rug.
And I felt terribly guilty.

One of the things about bicycle touring is your degree of exposure.
Increasingly, there are fewer and fewer public spaces -
Public spaces that do not require purchase of a product or service.
Being “out there” 24/7 takes its toll on the psyche.
Not surprisingly, I did not leave the hotel room -
From moment I entered in the evening until I left at 10:30 the next morning.
It felt good.

Rock Island's Downtown Is Chic and Mostly White
(Davenport's Downtown Is Crumbling and African American)
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When I finally did get a move on, I took the River Trail.
The Quad Cities have miles and miles of bike trails along the Mississippi.
Sometimes it's industrial, sometimes it's park-like - but quite pleasant.

Geesy Weesy on the River Bank
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It was a bright blue day with a ride along the Mississippi River.
One nice thing about bike trails is that you are among fellow travelers.
Small waves and hellos.

After not too many miles, I stopped for lunch at a riverside restaurant.
They were playing Fleetwood Mac and Joni Mitchell.
Sunshine, light breeze - all of a sudden it was 1977 all over again.
Gee, I sure hadn’t gotten very far, had I?

Had to Stop for an Outdoor Lunch
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Riding through East Moline, I saw the results of deindustrialization.
Case, John Deere, and International Harvester used to be big manufacturers here.
Big ag machinery - made in America. No longer.
You can see it. You can feel it.

One of the Many Abandoned Factories in East Moline
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A Nice Working-Class Neighborhood in East Moline
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I decided to take parts of the Hennepin Canal Trail and was pleasantly surprised.
Most - but not all - of the way is has a hard surface like macadam.
And it has the quiet revery that is a trademark of rural trails.

The Hennepin Trail along the Canal
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Lock and Dam on the Canal
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But I alternated between trail and road.
Found the little town of Genesseo to be charming and doing well.

A Nice Old House in Geneseo
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The farm roads in Illinois are the bomb - paved with almost no cars.
But, eventually, ya gotta get on the highway to make miles.
So after a leisurely day - I pushed on.

Illinois Farm Roads - Sweet!
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And made a campsite along the Hennepin Canal right at sundown.

Illinois Corn - as Opposed to Iowa Corn
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Today's ride: 58 miles (93 km)
Total: 2,365 miles (3,806 km)

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