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July 12, 2016

Day 40 - Odebolt to Dawson

Woke up dry - not soaking wet.
And, boy, am I grateful!

Gotta Post the Photo of Slim & Mary Again
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We were all up early.
Mary had to judge an FFA event in Fort Dodge.
Slim had to get to work, a bit later, at the ag plant.
Loaded up and was off after coffee and a cinnamon roll.

Richest Soil in the World Exposed in the River Bank
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The ride to Black Hawk Lake was so-so - not really quiet and no shoulder.
It was nice to get to the lake and pause - then get on the Sauk Trail.
There were branches down everywhere from last night’s storm.

Sauk Trail Heading Off into the Cornfields
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But once the trail got away from the highway the world was transformed.
Just the bike floating through cornfields to the accompaniment of meadowlarks.
Big wind turbines lined the ridgetops - and the wind was southwest.
So, too soon, I turned east to take advantage of the tailwind.
Iowa is notorious for having few shoulders on its highways.

Beautiful Flowers in Front of a House in Breda
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Big Ole Wind Turbines on a Ridge in Western Iowa
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The little back county roads are fine,
but occasionally, you have to do a mile or two on a main highway.
Very tense. Fortunately I use a mirror and am willing to go off the road.
Bicycles are smaller than semis.

Next up was an incredible stretch of the Old Lincoln Highway.
The new US 30 had been built in the 1960s and 1970s -
So, the old road was practically empty - except for the shadows from the past.
At the little town park in Scranton, I saw an old Ford and Kaiser rusting in the weeds.
Once upon a time, they ruled this very road.

An Empty Old Lincoln Highway
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A Ford and a Kaiser - Once Shiny and New
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I was delighted to cross the 1930s bridge over the Raccoon River.
Even braked away my downhill speed to stop and take pictures.

Historic Lincoln Highway Bridge over the Raccoon River
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As usual, I spent the better part of the afternoon in town - this time Jefferson.
Had to pull all my stuff out of the panniers to dry - so I looked like a hobo.
Then I caught up on my journal and had a Subway.

On the Square in Jefferson
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A late departure found me back on rail trails -
Through the woods down to the river and back up.
Long ago people used to journey in quiet -
Without the road of highways, engines, tires -
Without the radios, tapes, CDs. DVDs.
Just quiet.

Dappled Light on the Trail
Cool Despite It Being a Hot Afternoon
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So I arrive at Dawson and find a perfect little county park.
Creekside, big trees, grassy campsites, and hot showers.
Whadda day!

Grass and Corn
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Today's ride: 85 miles (137 km)
Total: 2,081 miles (3,349 km)

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