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July 4, 2016

Day 32 - Hot Springs to Chadron

I think the park ranger offered to drive the obnoxious drunk guy home at 2:00 in the morning - even after the guy suggested that the ranger do all sorts of unmentionable things. I would have dropped him off at the county jail.

Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep. It has also rained, so I packed up everything wet and headed into town for breakfast pretty early. The toast at the local bakery was divine. Plus, I bought some ginger/molasses cookies. Yummmm.

Red Cliffs and Waterfall in Hot Springs
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Therefore, I did not get onto the road as early as I should have. Because I knew it was going to be a hot one. Very soon, I was out in the prairies and the trees disappeared. A vast ocean of grass awaits.

The Scenery Has Definitely Changed
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It was a gradual climb to the state line - which I huffed with few grumbles. Had a sandwich and Coke at the state line casino. Nebraskans sell alcohol to Lakota people and South Dakotans serve up slot machines to Cornhuskers.

Looking Back at the Black Hills
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Two Track Through the Grass - Reminds Me of "My Antonia"
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Broke a seat bolt on the way down to Chadron - but, thankfully, had a spare. Otherwise, I would have to hold the seat on with my cheeks. Pushing 100F, I holed up in a little motel in town. Bath and clean clothes.

Dramatic Change in Scenery Across the Border in Nebraska
(Or, Perhaps, It's Just the Heat)
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Met the friendliest family - Mom, Dad, and little girl - at the laundry. Hispanic, undocumented, hard-working, and worried. The little girl and I practiced ballet together and she translated when my Spanish fell short. We were all howling laughing.

(Sorry - - no pic of me interpreting "The Dying Swan".)

My heart is filled with joy.

Today's ride: 59 miles (95 km)
Total: 1,534 miles (2,469 km)

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