Day 15 - Blackfoot River Canyon to Helena - C2C - from Westport, Washington to Sandy Hook, New Jersey - CycleBlaze

June 17, 2016

Day 15 - Blackfoot River Canyon to Helena

Strange - -
I woke up this morning to my water in my water bottle having a hard surface.
I was able to punch through the hardened water to get to regular water, though.

Campsite on the Blackfoot - after a 28F Morning
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And the sun was shining in a bright blue sky - woo-hoo!

I climbed back into my sleeping bag and didn't pack up until late.
Once I got out on the road it was a whole lot warmer than 28F just after sunrise.

Last Look at the Blackfoot River
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I did all of 10 miles into Lincoln, then had brunch and caught up on my journal.
By the time I had finished, the clouds had rolled back in again. Hmmmm.

Looking North towards the Bob Marshall Wilderness from Flesher Pass Road
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I was glad to get off of Highway 200 and onto Flesher Pass Road.
Although it had a few extra hill, the lack of traffic was a welcome respite.
Flesher Pass really wasn't too bad of a climb. I was on top pretty quickly.

Juanny on Top of Flesher Pass
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Then it was a fast downhill with switchbacks - losing all that climbing.
I wish the grade were less and stretched out longer. I wish I had a million bucks, too.

I finally reached Canyon Creek General Store - memories from 1987.
Not as funky now, fresh paint and a lovely flower garden.

Canyon Creek Store - with Facilities to the Left
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Feeling Like I'm Getting Closer to the Plains
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Then it was onto Birdseye Road into Helena. Birdseye may cut off a few miles, but I sure don't remember the super steep granny grades.I was more than ready to get to Helena. Stopped by the grocery and then had a couple of cheese sandwiches in the park in front of the Algerian Temple which is now the convention center.

The Algerian Temple - Now a Convention Center
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Years back, I stayed at the Ironfront Hotel - for $5 - a true flophouse filled with rough winos. From what I hear, it's about the same, still. Then I caught one of the best AA meetings I have been to in years down by the old train depot.

Last Chance Gulch
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The Old Depot - a Rough Part of Town
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After the meeting - right at dusk - Alex gave me a ride out to the fairgrounds where they were have a little league tourney. I had expected only a few campers, but the place was overflowing. I found a spot of crunchy grass on the overflow loop and Greg Coleman - who was there with his son for the baseball games - offered me some grilled Chinese. Yummmm!

Today's ride: 67 miles (108 km)
Total: 815 miles (1,312 km)

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