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August 25, 2018

The shortcut through the forest

In the morning, I walked below the rim.

Then I headed West. Google suggested a shortcut through the forest. The first half was a flat dirt track.

But then it directed me up a hiking trail. After a bad experience in a few other forests, I decided not to blindly follow the advice.

But OpenStreetMap said the trail connected to a Jeep track. So I pushed ahead and found it.

But it ended up going in the wrong direction and I decided to switch back to the hiking trail Google suggested.

It wasn't used much, so it was difficult to follow. And it got steeper and steeper. When it went though a forest with fallen trees, I had to carry my fully loaded bicycle over then, one by one.

Then I reached the top of the route at 2735 m (9000 feet). Progress was it bit easier at first.

The sun had set. If I set up camp now, the high altitude would cause unbearable cold late at night.

So I continued with the help of the full moon. On this side of the peak, the valley was quite narrow. If the trail ever existed, it was covered by land slide debris.

The steam flowed in a gulley that was between 1 and 2 meter deep. A couple of times I had to cross it. Each time it took all my strength to lift my bicycle out again.

Once I reached Jeep track again, it was too washed out to ride. So I had to push my bicycle.

Eventually I reached well maintained forest roads and progress was faster.

From peak to bottom was only 20 km, but it took me the whole night.

Some ATVs shared the flat Jeep tracks.
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Some cattle have escaped into the forest
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A river I had to ford on the flat parts.
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Today's ride: 98 km (61 miles)
Total: 6,673 km (4,144 miles)

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