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August 7, 2018

Malibu, CA

Americans are overall very generous to poor people who cross their path.

But businesses know that badly dressed individuals with to much time on their hands make their true customers feel uncomfortable. So there are "No loitering" signs everywhere.

This also means that very few restaurants have wall sockets in the dining area, making it difficult for me to keep my phone charged.

Usually Starbucks is the exception. The  restaurant I visited today went much further: They gave free ice water to "non customers" - visitors who haven't ordered anything in weeks.

So I was sharing a table at Starbucks with some non customers. We were all charging our phones. A woman joined us and offered them "Obama phones". The government subsidy is large enough to pay for the smartphone, a simple calling plan and the woman's commission. The recipient must be on some form of welfare and must be reachable at some physical address (by post).

I like my bicycle and luggage to look as cheap as possible. It reduces the risk of theft and so far I only lost a couple of water bottles.

So after I left the Starbucks, I rode my bicycle to a park to eat a snack. Then a guy showed me a phone and said "Hey Buddy! Are you on food stamps ? Then you can get this phone!"

A bicycle train
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Unfortunately for this guy, any music he makes will be drowned out by highway one
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Today's ride: 57 km (35 miles)
Total: 5,544 km (3,443 miles)

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