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June 7, 2014

What We Thought of Googling Our Way to Innsbruck

There is no denying that the high mountain scenery, decorated houses, and over the top churches and castles of this area are terrific. But for this little bit we did not have any official "Book" or even cycling map, but rather relied on Google Maps, with a track made back home.

The first problem with Google Maps is that if you print the screens you do not actaully get a lot of detail. Even at home, if you zoom in on something like a town name to see what it says, Google will helpfully shrink the font size to foil you. So printed maps that we brought along for this bit were not much use. We did however save the .gpx track out of Google Maps (how to do this, by the way, is not exactly obvious) and this was a lot of help.

A gpx running in a smart phone app still hs the disadvantage that you can not see it in th sun, and you burn up your battery if trying to follow along continuously.

So in short, it's way better to have a Bikeline book or other cycling map than to attempt to use Google in any way. I a pinch, though....

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