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October 28, 2022

From home to Hohenau

A beautiful day for a ride

We had the warmest, sunniest day you could imagine for the start of our little trip. When packing I had to remind myself it isn't summer, the mornings and evenings are going to be chilly and the evenings will start earlier with the end of summer time on Sunday. Even today, as warm as it was, the shadows had little warmth and were long at four o'clock. I was happy to discover how to turn on the heating in our room.

Not much to say about today actually, I just wanted to document that we are on our way. Every departure from home, even if it is for only a few days, is a wrench out of the familiar routine, the fuss not to forget anything essential, a feeling of reluctance. I could say this malaise is because we are getting old, but I can read about the same feelings in my earlier journals from 20 years ago. Nevertheless, we got off to a fine start, there was predictable heavy traffic on the Friday before school fall vacation and our drive took a little under three hours.

Big bicycles on a little car
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Getting closer, the Bavarian Forest is looking lovely in autumn color.
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Although the drive was necessary to get to our start, somehow it felt absurd to be sitting in the car for hours in this beautiful weather.
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The food in Hotel Schreiner where we are staying was good, as was the Aldersbacher beer. The beer comes from Kloster Aldersbach, an abbey that we knew we had visited, but when and where, on what trip? It took us quite a while to place it and with the help of an earlier journal we found the answer. 

Zum Wohl!
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Graham FinchI wish I was there.
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1 year ago
The plumped up pillows in our room reminded me of snowy peaks. I turned the heating on. Gute Nacht!
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Nancy GrahamA beautiful day for the start of a beautiful tour. So good to have the nice weather to start with even if the day must be spent driving in a car 😏.
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1 year ago