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April 13, 2022


They can be real conversation starters

YOU CAN LEARN something about many cyclists by looking at the jerseys they wear.  Several times this week I have had conversations sparked either by what I was wearing or what someone else had on.

The Safari has encouraged participants to bring, and wear, jerseys each day that follow a theme of some sort.  One day it was your local club jersey.  Another was your favorite event, another any previous Safari jersey, and so on.

I had two or three other people today tell me they had worked at the same place whose corporate MS team jersey I happened to be wearing.  I met a fellow alumnus of my university because he had the school jersey on.  Someone wearing a Biking Across Kansas jersey caught my eye because I have done that ride and as we chatted it turns out she's also familiar with the small Kansas town my father is from.

It adds an enjoyable element, opening doors and lowering social barriers by providing an immediate shared context.  I doubt that many of the passing exchanges will result in deeply meaningful, long term friendships but it's certainly enjoyable social lubrication in the short term.

Photos from today:

I'm definitely in the South.
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Not every place is a well-kept antebellum showplace.
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Today's ride: 52 miles (84 km)
Total: 245 miles (394 km)

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