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April 14, 2022

Wrapping up

Under a cloud

THE FINAL DAY of any enjoyable group riding event is inevitably tinged with a bit of sadness, as people face the impending end of pleasant togetherness. That was today.  Our little band would be scattering in many directions once we reached the Suwanee County Fairground.  I have made new friends, who I hope to see again sometime; sooner is preferable to later.

My friends, old and new, made this a wonderful week.
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For much of the day I rode alone, relaxing and savoring the moment.  My bike continued to provide a sweet ride, the weather was pleasant (a light overcast meant the temperature stayed nice), the roads were mostly good and mostly empty.  It seemed as though I was getting a glimpse of what I might experience later this summer, at least in terms of voluntarily retreating into solitude from time to time. 

Our route carried us past stands of commercial, planted pine forest, farms, country homes, the occasional patch of swamp, and once again over the Suwannee River. It is good country for a slow, easy, contemplative ride.  

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We also passed this mural, in Pinetta:

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Now, it's time to be moving on to the next things life brings.   Many folks have already booked other tours for later this year, others plan to do so.  Some, like me, will be organizing their own, others will leave that task to someone else.  Both approaches have their merits and drawbacks. 

Thanks for sharing this ride with me.

Today's ride: 48 miles (77 km)
Total: 293 miles (472 km)

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