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April 10, 2022


And friends of friends

CERTAIN PEOPLE radiate good cheer wherever they go.   Firmly in that category is my friend Linda.

Proudly flying our Bike South 2000 headwear
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We've known one another for a couple decades now, but seldom manage to get together.  So, it was a pleasure to see her name on the rider list.

She's here with several other riding friends, who graciously included me in today's ride and also the surprise birthday party for one of their number. 

Sue is 83, going strong, and taking no prisoners or guff. Well done, young lady!
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We opted to ride the 42 mile loop, which featured lovely quiet roads and an opportunity to spend a few minutes at one of Florida's many natural springs.

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It was a day of easy riding, with none of the nasty wind we had yesterday. I am glad not to have opted for the 67 or 102 mile routes; 42 was enough without being too much.

Jan and Cathy are strong riders, and did long pulls with me sitting third wheel.  After being a parasite for many miles, it seemed only polite to take my turn at the front.  I hope I did not embarrass myself too badly, but they are far too polite to let on if I did.

Today's post-ride entertainment is an oldies band, with corn on the cob and adult beverages on the side.  We enjoyed both for a spell, then went our separate ways for a while.

It's been a Good Day.

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Today's ride: 42 miles (68 km)
Total: 97 miles (156 km)

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