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March 25, 2022 to March 26, 2022

Wine, Golf and Travel

Paso and the Drive to Healdsburg

This is a strictly non biking entry, just a quick account of our last day in wonderful Paso Robles and our travel day to Healdsburg. 

We spent the morning of our final day in Paso visiting two wineries, J Lohr and Tobin James. J Lohr was a quick stop, and Tobin James was a real treat. We tasted so many wines my palate was completely confused, bought four bottles, met some lovely people and had an all round good time. 

In the bar at Tobin James. We did our tasting outside in the sunshine.
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Then it was off to our tee time. The golf was good, bad and ugly. Sometimes all three on the same hole. It is a game of intermittent reinforcement. Just when one of us has decided to quit and sell the clubs, that pure shot comes along and you are back onboard. 

We both almost look like we know what we are doing here.
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The next morning we drove back to Cambria, then headed up Highway 1, the Big Sur. It is a spectacular coastline. We had fog at the beginning which gradually burnt off. It was also crazy busy, probably because it was a Saturday. Carmel, disappointingly, was a zoo. Absolutely no parking to be found, near or far. We finally gave up and kept going. 

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We arrived in Healdsburg, had an amazing dinner and planned the next day’s ride. 

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