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Intro: Shakedowns after the Lockdowns

For the beginning of June, we planned a three-day ride as our first overnight outing since last September and two weeks later, again perfect weather, we went on another two-day outing in our surroundings. These were the first warm days after hotels and restaurants had re-opened. Restaurants were still limited to outdoor seating but hotels were allowed to serve meals indoors to their guests. So even if it rained, we would be able to have a meal with a roof over our heads. A month later, indoor seating became possible, too. Let's hope it stays that way!

Whenever possible I like to start from the front door. We don't have to go far from our home in Gauting, about 20 km southwest of Munich, for beautiful countryside and good roads for cycling. But with the pandemic keeping us near home, it seems we have cycled everything within a 30 km radius a zillion times. I know almost every tree by heart. Time for a change of scene.

Here I have written up our two short shakedown tours, a longer trip is planned for July. We intend to stay in Germany on the July tour as well. On one of the days I will be riding my age in kilometers, an 81 km day, or maybe I'll add two to include Janos. Nice to be on the metric system. Or how about getting a bonus after reaching a certain age. Each year over 80 should be subtracted, perhaps multiplied by three. So at 81 you cycle 77, at 82 it's 74, at 83 it's 71 and so on. Better yet, forget the kilometers and be happy that you are still riding.

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