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February 15, 2022

Oro Valley to Green Valley

That was some kinda day.

Organizing and packing.
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What a day! I had a lovely day off in Tucson.  Sharky let me crash at her hotel another few nights while she was in Tucson. I arrived at 5pm ordered a pizza from Dominos and had a shower.  Getting pizza from Dominos has become a tradition on Thru hikes and bike tours. 

The next day I lazed in bed. I ran out of water again and I think that led to me being super wiped out when I got to the hotel. I hung out in the morning relaxed, drank coffee and just chilled. 

Later in the afternoon I forced myself out to REI to attend to my water situation. I hopped on the city bus and went to the Tucson mall. I never take the bus at home but it always reminds me that I’m traveling when I take the bus.  Plus it’s a really nice break from pedaling. 

When I got to REI I picked up a 10 liter dromedary water bag. I also picked up a hammock. I know the desert isn’t the best place for a hammock but even if I can spend one night off the ground I’ll feel more rested. For some reason I never sleep well when I’m tent camping. In fact that’s usually the biggest challenge for me in a physical trip like this.  Just being effected by a lack of sleep! 

Hopefully the hammock will help my sleep and I now have the capacity to store almost 15 liters of water. That should get me though the driest sections of Sonora and beyond. 

After shopping I had some in and out burger.  I figured a good burger will be harder to get in Mexico than good Mexican food. So I had one more tasty burger before I left Tucson. I’m also not sure if I’ll be coming back up through Arizona or the west at all. So I need to take advantage of in and out while I have access to it! 

This morning I started the day off having a nice coffee and breakfast with Sharky at the hotel. We are planning to meet in Cabo Pulmo in March to do some diving , hopefully we can make that happen. 

After breakfast and lots of coffee we headed up stairs to pack up my bike and gear. I soon discovered flat number two of the trip. The tire liners and schwalbe marathon tires were not enough to stop Arizona from just putting the tip in.  

I fixed the flat and slimed the tires. I should have done that in the first place but the bike store, as they all do poo pooed the tire slime.  I’ve used it for years and have had nothing but good experiences with it. The weight increase is a lot better than having to change a flat by a busy road! 

I fixed the flat and after a quick safety meeting headed off into the wilds.  

I stopped at Ajo bikes to get a few more tubes and odds and ends before I crossed the border. I took 6th street out of south Tucson.  I had a bad lunch at a we fry everything shack.  A few miles later there was a good looking Mexican place that even had Raspados! Should have waited but what can you do.  You have to eat when you are hungry on a bike tour! 

The ride to Green Valley was pretty uneventful. I didn’t take a lot of pics.  There was a pretty stiff headwind so I mostly just pedaled and pedaled. While dodging dust storms and garbage cans flying across the road. 

I made it into Green Valley 3 hours after my gps had initially guessed.  I stopped for a quick coffee then road a few miles to my first warm showers host of the trip.  

I’m staying with Paul and Karen tonight.  We had pizza and talked about our bike touring adventures. I felt bad I was so tired all I wanted to do was have a shower and go to sleep! I was reminded today what a small world this is. Paul my host is a pickle ball player and he coaches with another fella that is the father of a lady that I play pickle ball with in Hawaii! So random. 

Tomorrow is my final day in Arizona then I’ll be crossing the border into Mexico! I’m staying with a warm showers host in Nogales , Mexico. I’m pumped to be staying with a local person.  Hopefully the rain will hold off tomorrow and I can head across the border. 

54 miles from what?
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Super super windy. Really hard to show in a photo.
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Right after I took this photo a big scary dog chased me. I slowed down to talk to him and we had a nice pet.
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Cool town sign but it refused to get off my bike to take it so not as cool of a pic as it was.
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Windy windy!
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Stopped for a bit of respite from the wind. I met a lady from Hawaii working at the Starbucks. I politely listens to her conspiracy theories before excusing myself to enjoy my break from the road.
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Very pretty views in Green Valley.
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My first spotting of Gambels Quails. They didn’t hang out long for a photo shoot. They are under the bush giving me stink eye.
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Today's ride: 38 miles (61 km)
Total: 78 miles (126 km)

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