Day 10: Monday 26 June 2023 Chanas to Montélimar - Brighton to Barcelona by bike - CycleBlaze

June 26, 2023

Day 10: Monday 26 June 2023 Chanas to Montélimar

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route planned 119km

Slept extremely badly, waking up multiple times and eventually giving up and watching some videos instead. Down to breakfast for 630 with worrying me painful right knee recurrence of the pain. I have been having over the last few weeks.

I knew that was this painful condition. There was no way I could cycle, so I went back for some more breakfast and coffee and managed to impress the others by fall asleep at the table!

Steve gave me a lift in the van, and we discovered there was a Decathlon store just down the road, so I popped in and bought a new saddle, hopefully to relieve the pain I've been having in my nether regions.

We stopped to meet some of the others at the 30 km mark, miraculously my knee seemed to be back to normal. Steve kindly fitted the saddle for me, and it seems to have done the trick. Certainly a substantial improvement and less pressure on the painful part due to a cut out in the middle of the saddle

I was then able to do the remaining 87 km with Kathy and Dave. 95% of the whole journey on dedicated cycle paths along the River Rhône, pancake flat, with a decent tail wind the whole day. 

Lunch was a decent sandwich in the Valence, which seems like a lovely town.  We stopped mid afternoon for an Orangina and a fruit tart which was delicious. We also stopped on a couple of park benches and I managed to nod off for another 15 minutes.  Arrived into the nice town of Montelimar by about 5 pm.

I was slightly spooked by the narrow wobbly suspension bridge near the end.

Dinner was a nice brasserie in the town centre, with a particularly large steak, and ice cream for me!

Tomorrow is 102km to Avignon, still downhill and flat, and with another strong tailwind.

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Today's ride: 87 km (54 miles)
Total: 815 km (506 miles)

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