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May 9, 2023

Day 9 - North of Bourke

The day kicked off with a radio interview with 2WEB - outback radio, who link with a newspaper so there'll be something in print.

I cruised the town admiring some of the fine buildings. It's not hard to see that Bourke, once the largest port on the Darling, once saw money.

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It was then time to catch up with Murray and Carmen at the bakery. Before I realised, it was 1130 and I neededcto hoof it to have any chance of getting to Cunnamulla - 260 km, in two days. But first a quick photo.

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Loaded with Carmen's porridge, an apple pie with fake cream and panniers drooping from Dean's mandarins I headed north hoping to do 120 km in the afternoon. I stopped in north Bourke for a couple of photos before putting my head down.

You may have been to Bali but......
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Australia's oldest movable span bridge
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I was finally heading to Cunnamulla on a road littered with dead red kangaroos and emus. I did, at least, see lots of live emus and several western grey kangaroos. I cycled very well and did 70 km before stopping to eat a heap of gingernuts and pour down cordial.

A young male red kangaroo having a snooze.
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Bill Shaneyfelt"He sleepeth" in the Biblical sense...
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11 months ago

Somehow, I got to Enngonia - 100 km, soon after 4. I must confess to stopping on the edge of town to cut a headband from a discarded piece of clothing. Nothing wrong with that; it wasn't socks or underwear! I replenished water in town and got on my way.

Camping looked easy but a few km out of town fences appeared. They went for km and I'd done 122 km before a side road gave me a camp, under a large black box eucalypt. This meant that I didn't stop at 120 km - 1000 km for the trip, for a red tie moment. Tomorrow will do.

Noticed today that it's getting tricky in the country to do stuff.

How did it get to this?
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Today's ride: 122 km (76 miles)
Total: 1,001 km (622 miles)

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