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September 3, 2018

Inching our Way: Unterkolbnitz to Spittal

We know the weather is better farther south. But we're not there yet. Today it either drizzled or rained from the first turn of the pedals. We have a light, misty kind of drizzle in the beginning but after a while it pours. What a shame to ride in these beautiful surroundings when everything is veiled in clouds and colored grey. We didn't bring our rain overshoes, but I wonder if that would have made a big difference. At least my new rain jacket is good.

The Alpe-Adria bike path is now following the Drau River but we don't see much. After 24 kms we leave the bike path at Spittal, it's raining hard now and I've had enough. We inquire at the Tourist Information Office and get a room in the center of town. The best part is we can check in immediately although it's not even noon. I take a long nap and in the afternoon when the rain stops, we venture out for a look at the town. Our hotel is in the old part of Spittal directly next to the Stadtpark where the 16th Century Porcia Palace is located. It's Monday and the palace museum is closed but the palace cafe, Schlosscafe, is open and has a wonderful old-world Viennese coffee house atmosphere.

It seems not only are the museums closed on Monday, customary in most countries, but in Spittal or perhaps Austria, most restaurants are also closed. Another surprise was to discover that smoking is still allowed in restaurants in Austria. Actually, we had already noticed that in Freilassing, but here it sank in. We finally got a seat in the non-smoking area of one of the few restaurants that were open.

Journal writing in the morning before we leave - it's Janos's coffee, though. In our B&B breakfast is brought to our room. I could have had breakfast in bed if I wanted.
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It's raining before we even get on our bikes.
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Crossing the Möll which will soon flow into the Drau.
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Last shot before I have to put my camera away to keep it dry.
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Porcia Palace and City Park in the afternoon
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Fountain in the park
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A touch of color on a grey day
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Charging station for e-bikes in the park!
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Charmaine RuppoltVery cool! I hope they get these in the U.S. sometime!
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5 months ago
Outdoor seating is available.
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One dry leaf does not make an autumn.
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Cafe reflection
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