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November 6, 2021

Urban Riding

The Outer Harbour Greenway

The Outer Harbour Greenway runs beside the railway line from Outer Harbour to Adelaide Railway Station. I was keen to ride this and then continue along the linear path to the mouth of the (River) Torrens, and home via the foreshore. Roger, not so keen on the urban riding of the OHG, elected to skip that bit and catch a train in to meet me in the city.

Thunder grumbled outside all morning, but it had settled down by early afternoon, so off I went.

At the end of my street the OHG takes a tunnel under Grand Junction Road.
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It follows quiet back roads and dedicated paths beside the railway line.

There's lots of street art along the way.
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South Australia does not have enough timber suitable for power poles, so they use Stobie poles. Stobie poles were invented by Mr Stobie and are two steel joists held apart by a slab of concrete. Some people paint their Stobie poles and there's a definite bicycle theme along the Greenway.
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Just in case you happen to be misplaced.
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My phone rang as I was cycling over the freeway and thinking how nice it was to be cycling on a big bridge over the freeway.

"Have you seen the keys to my bicycle lock?" asked Roger. He was a bit terse, which was forgivable because he had a train to catch and had just spent 30 minutes looking for a key so he could unlock his bike.

Long story short, I found his keys in the bottom of the pannier on my bike, which was unexpected because I don't use his bicycle lock. We had a moment of mutual blame, as you do, and then we had to change our plans because now his bike had to stay at home.

I continued my ride into the city.

The last couple of km were beside the River Torrens. It was quite a respectable size here, due to judicious placement of a weir.
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I met Roger at the train station and locked my bike beside a whole cluster of other bikes. I put mine in the middle on the theory that, like with cutlery, thieves would work from the outside in.  We walked around the Botanic Gardens and happened upon the dumpling market component of the Ozasia Festival, so we stayed and had dumpling dinner, sitting on the green grass looking out over the river and listening to live music.

The evening, while not at all what we planned, was in the end quite enjoyable. My bike was all in one piece when I returned to it and the train ride home was uneventful. 

Segue tours beside the Torrens. Dearie me what will they think of next!
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The loop ride remains on my 'to ride' list.

Today's ride: 13 km (8 miles)
Total: 241 km (150 miles)

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