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April 18, 2019

The Great Wall at Da Ying Pan

OpenStreetMap indicted that it's possible to cross the Yongding river at the dam wall. But the guard refused.

Out of stubbornness, I headed downstream looking for alternate routes. It's a small, quiet road. Where the canyon is too narrow, the road passes through tunnels in the wall. After 10 km and 6 tunnels, I turned around and got back on the main road.

The X457 has two long, curved tunnels on either side of the bridge that takes it over the river. Fortunately traffic was light and I felt fairly safe.

Then I assented the mountain pass near Da Ying Pan to see the remains of the Great Wall. I was the only tourist around and there was no fences or gates.

One of the 6 tunnels
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The Great Wall
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More of the wall
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Today's ride: 143 km (89 miles)
Total: 4,088 km (2,539 miles)

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