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June 2, 2010

Beginning at the End: Early start and late arrival

Finistère, the western most tip of France, translates as the end of the world, as it once was believed to be. From there we planned to follow the southern coast of Brittany to the Loire estuary, an obvious beginning for cycling the Loire Valley and beyond. We did not have the declared intention of ending at the beginning, but I think we both secretly thought it would be grand to ride all the way home.

The beginning: We leave home at 5:30 a.m in the drizzly dark to catch the 6:20 train to Paris.

It's raining and still dark when we leave for the train station.
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In Paris we have a rushed ride across town from Paris Est to the Montparnasse train station to get the train to Morlaix.

Here the sun is shining: We ride from Paris Est to Montparnasse
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In Montparnasse we quickly fold our bikes and are ready for the dash to the train when the platform is announced, as always, just 20 minutes before departure. We do a pretty good job getting ourselves to the correct platform and climb aboard with our many pieces of baggages - twelve pieces altogether. We breathe a sigh of relief and look for our reserved seats, only to discover they are already occupied - and by their rightful occupants. We are on the wrong train! With only a minute to spare, we discover our mistake and with the help of several friendly passengers manage to get off with our complete baggage before the train pulls out of the station. Our train is on the opposite side of the platform. As it is scheduled to leave at the same time, we watch from the platform as it departs.

Waiting for the next train at the Montparnasse train station
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A good start! And I thought we were seasoned travellers. We're on the next train which leaves a couple of hours later and arrive exhausted in Morlaix after 9 p.m.

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