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May 21, 2010

W urzburg - W ernfeld

We're back! It's the Main Bike Path once more, the last of our little appetizers before - oops, I was going to say the main course. No, our longer summer trip will NOT be along the Main River.

This time around there will be a few changes - first, we are traveling with Rachel, my niece, to introduce her to the good life of cycle touring. The other modification of our usual way of doing things is that we have booked rooms in advance for all three nights since we are traveling on a holiday week-end (Pfingsten - a catholic holiday in Bavaria, Whitsun or Pentecost in English) and who knows - all hell might break loose on German bike paths if the weather is good.

All goes to plan - we meet Rachel in Würzburg. We have arrived by train from Munich and she has driven from where she lives near Stuttgart. Soon we are on the Main Bike Path out of town. We skirt the Africa Festival which is now taking place along the bank of the river and make a stop in Zell am Main, only a few kilometers down the road, hoping to say hello to some fellow Crazy Guys on a Bike who are now on the last leg of their trip through Bavaria. Unfortunately we miss them.

On holidays and week-ends it can get a bit too congested in the trains that take bikes.
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Again, great weather. Since our last jaunt along the Main more than three weeks ago Bavaria has seen little else than rain - but now the sun has decided to come out again and help get spring move on to summer. We have already cycled the first part of today's ride, but a few wet weeks have transformed early spring's delicate touch of green into a verdant, leafy profusion.

On our way - and where are all those bikes now?
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We again pass through Karlstadt.
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Old city walls of Karlstadt
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Charmaine RuppoltNice of you to introduce your niece to cycle touring -- has she done more since then?
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7 months ago
Booking the room in advance, I didn't realize we would have to cycle up a steep hill to get there - but we had a room with a view once we got there.
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