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September 25, 2010

Day 1 - Munich to Nauders: I Don't Feel Like Going Anywhere

The day to leave finally rolled around and the weather was horrid. When we woke up it was pouring and it was still pouring when we rode our bikes to the station for the train leaving at 10:30. I didn't feel like going anywhere.

Two voices in my head. One was saying: Carry through with your plans, don't hang around home, get out, get going, you don't have a lot of years left, you'll feel like a failure if you let a little rain discourage you. And the other voice: Easy does it, if you have bad weather, stay home, what are you trying to prove, relax, this isn't your last chance to ride your bike.

Since we had already reserved a hotel room in Landeck for the first night, the debate was hypothetical. But I was still wondering if we weren't nuts to set out in this weather.

This is no weather for a bike trip!
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Hold onto your hat!
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We changed trains in Innsbruck and when we arrived in Landeck it had stopped raining. The mountains of the Inn Valley were only partially visible, the snow-capped peaks blended with the white of the low lying clouds.

Church in Landeck
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Wood stacked for the winter, Landeck
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Walking path and wayside chapel, Landeck
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Schloss Landeck
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