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September 15, 2022

Wildcamp at turnoff to Itati

With a long day ahead of us we set off before half past seven, our earliest start so far by some margin. It was a bit cold, just in double figures, and within a few kilometers Leigh resorted to wearing her SealSkinz gloves.  Mine were packed too deeply in a less accessible pannier so I endured an hour or so of freezing fingers before it warmed up.

Once again a flat ride through farming country so we had to work the whole way but we had à tailwind of about ten kilometers per hour for most of the time.  The result is that after our first properly long day we don't feel particularly fatigued at all.

What helped in addition to the tailwind was a comedor at the sixty six kilometer mark where we enjoyed a big plate is spaghetti and a few chunks of slow cooked beef.  This sustained us until we reached the service station at the turnoff to Itati.  

The entrance to the ten kilometers down to Itapi. We didn't think adding twenty kilometers to our journey for a bed was worth it.
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The road down to Itapi has the Stations of the Cross spread along the way . This is the first, where Jesus is condemned to death.
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We got to the service station at about three in thirty, about three hours before sunset so we spent the time enjoying a couple of beers in the large and modern cafeteria.  I confirmed with the cafeteria staff that we can setup our tent on a path of lawn behind it where we will be shielded from the road to some extent.   

Then we wandered across the road to a shrine to Nuestras Senora de Itati.  Our Lady of Itatí is a celebrated wooden representation of Virgin Mary in the town of Itati itself but the shrine aat the junction ten kilometers from the town is also visited by many devotees but more on this later.  There were a number of food stalls setup in the general area so we didn't feel uncomfortable eating our supper next to the shrine.

As soon as it started to get dark we wandered back across the road and setup our digs for the night.

Today's ride: 99 km (61 miles)
Total: 645 km (401 miles)

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