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December 28, 2022

Rio Negro Wildcamp

It rained a bit last night but it was dry when we got up this morning.  The rain didn't stay away for long and we had a very light but steady drizzle for much of the day.  It was also quite cold but thankfully there was no wind of which to speak.

The Belgians got away quite early but the Swiss were only getting up by the time we hit the road at just after nine o'clock.   With no headwind to slow us down, the first twenty eight kilometers to the turnoff to Carleta Tortel was an easy and enjoyable ride.  The big climb was slow but having done it twice before we knew what to expect.  By the time we had reached the highest point we knew that we would have no problems in catching a ferry today even though there were a few steep climbs slotted into the descent to the port.

We rolled onto Yungay soon after three in the afternoon expecting to have missed the three o'clock ferry but with ample time to buy something to eat at the kiosk and to use the free wifi before catchingthe six o’clock ferry.  Unfortunately the kiosk was closed as was the ferry office so we missed out on both points .  But we were pleasantly surprised to find that the ferry than ran at three in the past now departed at four.  This meant we would have more time to find a spot to spend the night on the other side.

The ferry at Yungay.
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On the ferry at to Puerto Bravo.
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After disembarking at Puerto Bravo we rode the five kilometers to the bridge over the Rio Negro.  By now it was raining steadily and we decided to stop there for the night. We parked ourselves under the bridge  and boiled some water for mate and coffee to help us thaw out while we decided where to pitch the tent.  

Despite being nice and dry under the bridge the most level spots are out in the open next to the road.  So we held off with tent until after we had cooked and eaten some pasta and pitched it out in the open on the most level spot. 

The tent next to the bridge. A few cars passed by but it otherwise it was peaceful.
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There are some big climbs to deal with tomorrow but we hope to make it to an informal casa de ciclistas just over forty kilometers away tomorrow.  Let's hope that the wind plays along again.

Today's ride: 55 km (34 miles)
Total: 5,077 km (3,153 miles)

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