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October 12, 2022 to October 14, 2022

Río Cuarto

Wednesday the 12th of October 2022

The ride to Rio Cuarto was less pleasant than the ride to Alcira due to a fresh southerly wind and a lot of traffic on the RN36.  We did manage one divertion which broke the monotony of plugging into the wind on a busy boring road but the highlight of the ride was before we even reached the RN36.  Just outside Alcira we came upon a magnificent dam filled with waterfowl and ducks.  We ended up spending forty five minutes there before suffering on the highway.

We have a very nice apartment near the center of Rio Cuarto for the next two nights.  We've got a few things to attend to and this is a great place to get them done.  I doubt we will see much of the city though.

Thursday the 13th of October 2022

We have been pretty uncertain of our route from this point but we think we have an better idea now.  The challenge is to square covering the distance to Futaleufu in time with a route where we can find food and water that isn't too busy.  Accommodation is less important than being fed and hydrated.

I have spent my rest day sorting out some administrative matters, changing the oil in the Rohloff gearboxes and making sure we are stocked up on cash and food.

Leigh has made full use of the washing machine in the apartment to get everything from our sleepingbag liners to the last bit of clothing washed.  I'm not sure when we will get another chance.

The apartment has Netflix and a nice kitchen so we've also pigged out on a detective series and some decent meals.

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Tomorrow we head south-westwards.  The wind will mostly be from the north-east for the next week or more so we hope to make miles while the wind blows.

Thursday the 13th of October 2022

We woke up this morning and decided we weren't ready to leave yet.  So we contacted Pablo, the owner of the apartment and extended our booking. We also took the time to quiz Pablo and a friend of his on the best route to take southwards because we were still undecided.

Anyhow, we had a relaxing day and feel more rested than if we would have left this morning.

Today's ride: 44 km (27 miles)
Total: 2,074 km (1,288 miles)

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